The Charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Felix of Cantalice is to imitate Blessed Mary Angela’s boundless love of God and surrender to God’s Will in compassionate service, total availability, concern for the salvation of all people.


As Felician Franciscan Sisters, called by God, we cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world.


God Bless Pope Francis


 Ongoing Formation Conference 2016 featured Sister Nancy Schreck, OSF, who presented “Living the Vows in the 21st Century.”

… the sisters are being called to have an evolutionary consciousness and their role is to assist the larger world in these processes. “Ours is a time of grace,” she said, “and we are called to live in this time with integrity, vision, and enormous creativity.”

 “The Spirit is shaking us loose from those things that are not of the essence of religious life,”
 “Religious life exists for the sake of the Gospel.”
“Our natural tendency is to want to be understood and accepted, applauded and appreciated, but that is not our truest purpose and identity. It is not where we really belong and, indeed, we will sell our souls if we stay in the place of wanting to be part of the mainstream, thus becoming something other than we were intended to be.”
… the vows are a means to an end and that end is to live the desire for God. Drawing on the work of Adrian van Kaam, ” Religious are responsible to society to reclaim lost values, offer hope in times of despair, and reclaim imagination. “Living the vows . . . is about how we bring people with us.”
The sisters from Kenya–SM Purity Wawira Ireri, SM Virginia Wanja Njiru, and SM Justa Muthoni Mjagi–began the evening’s entertainment with lively singing and dancing and, at evening’s end, had everyone out on the floor, trying to enjoy the rhythm. They also shared a DVD that recorded the January 2016 perpetual profession of vows of four of the newest members of the Kenyan Felician community.

Blessed Mary Angela

General Administration, Rome


Who We Are

The FELICIAN SISTERS, officially known as the CONGREGATION OF SISTERS OF ST. FELIX OF CANTALICE THIRD ORDER REGULAR OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI (CSSF) is a religious institute of pontifical right whose members profess public vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience and follow the evangelical way of life in common.cr The aim of the community is to cooperate with Christ in the spiritual renewal of the world.

The Felician community had its historic beginnings in nineteenth century Poland, which had ceased to exist as a nation in 1795 when it was partitioned by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Its beginnings in the Russian sector of Poland were tempered by the grief and anguish of the poor and afflicted as the country struggled under the oppression of its foreign rulers. The real story of the Felician Sisters, however, begins with…   READ MORE

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One Voice – A Journey in Hope

musical CD created & produced by the Felician Franciscan Sisters of North America.  Click to Order!


We stand on the side of those who cannot
advocate for themselves in society: the unemployed,
the weak, the marginalized, or those considered «unwanted».
We take all possible action to restore the 
human dignity and rights of all.
We express our unanimity with the Declaration of Human Rights
which should be recognized by all. We acknowledge that every person
has the right to healthcare and education.

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