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Felician Justice and Peace Commission Declaration

In The Spirit Of St. Francis And Blessed Mary Angela, Our Foundress, We Felician Sisters Commit Ourselves To Promote The Gospel Of Justice And Peace.  To Respond To The Cry Of The Poor And To Bring About The Reign Of God, We:

Proclaim the Good News of Jesus
Speak the living Word ardentlyShare the WORD
Witness to the WORD
Be present to others
Mediate peace
Create new approaches to evangelization
Accept diversity as essential for growth
Learn from our experiences of differences
Celebrate our differences as gifts of God
Contemplate the goodness of our compassionate God
Affirm the good in self, sisters and others

Foster respect and trust, Live nonviolently
Emphasize collaboration and mutuality
Seek encounters with other cultures to appreciate their uniqueness
Live a simple lifestyle in order to be a counter cultural sign against the individualism
that is breaking apart family and community life
Reverence nature in all forms
Support endeavors to improve the quality of air, water and soil
Promote responsible management, usage and equitable distribution of the world’s and the community’s resources.
Promote Right Relationships and Responsible Stewardship of Creation



Respect For The Dignity Of Each Person, Especially Women And Children, Who Are Created In The Image And Likeness Of God.

Prayer Intentions
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The Seminar in Lima-Peru

by Sr. Juscieda Maria; Brasília, June 4-6.

hhhI want to share with you one of the most important moments. On Tuesday all the participants, almost one hundred, were invited to pray in the monument called the Monument of Reparation. In that place they have a labyrinth made by little stones, and each stone represents the all people’s lives that were killed by the terrorists called Sendero Luminoso in Peru. It was a guerrilla organization.

In the center of the labyrinth is the Eye that Cries conveys. It not only denounces the violence committed by human beings in general, but it is also a testimony of recent Peruvian history of violence. There we prayed for all people and their families. We prayed also for all victims of violence in Latin American and over the world.

Follow Sr. Juscieda Maria as she works for Justice and Peace in Brazil.