Felician Associates

Felician Associates – Our Partners

Almost since the beginning of formal religious life in the Church there have been individuals and groups of lay people who have allied themselves with particular religious communities in a variety of relationships. In recent years, many women and men have responded to God’s call to associate themselves with hundreds of different communities world wide. In a relationship most often called “association.” In each of the five (5) provinces of the Felician Congregation associate relationships are unique, continuously evolving forms. Some provinces have developed formal Associate Programs, others work with a variety of groups.

Chapter 14 of the Memoirs of the Felician Sisters, written in the 1800’s, describes the existence of associates in the earliest days of the Congregation.

Even though the world is not yet inclined to understand the value of piety, a need is surfacing for fostering it. This is evident from the great number of souls from all walks of life, who, desirous of a life of piety, until now have associated themselves with the Congregation and who reap great spiritual benefits thereby . . .

“True piety” includes an awareness of God’s presence and action in one’s life, deliberate cultivation of one’s spiritual life through personal and communal prayer, and striving to live the Gospel.